MeanTime is a zine dedicated to spreading knowledge, whether that means shining a light on a local music scene, building a portrait of a little-known artist, or just writing about something most people haven't heard about yet.

We write reviews, but you won't see write-ups on Kanye's new album or Hollywood's latest blockbuster. That's not because we don't like these things - they may both be brilliant - but you can find that kind of information anywhere. All we can add is another opinion, and there's plenty of those floating around already.

Instead, we want to show you something you haven't seen, let you listen to a sound you have yet to hear, or simply give you information you may not have come across before. We love music, film, art, books, funny shit, local stuff, and weird stuff.

The editor of this zine used to write at another named MishMash Magazine, a fine site with a focus on punk, metal, and alternative matters. That site's gone now, due to hardships on behalf of its gracious editor. MeanTime was started as something to do during this hiatus, and it grew from there. We kept the Mash as a tribute.

Bryan Lobrutto, writer.

Chris Homa, editor.

Shilpi Chowdhury, photographer.